Flower Composition with affinity photo


while its raining cats and dogs outside i made some testshots with my new Sony RX10IV.

  • one without flash
  • one with buildin flash

1. after done so i opened up the first one in affinity photo and placed the second one over it and sync them by resizing the overlayed one (50% opacity) on until it fits.

2. i masked out the complete overlayed picture except the flower in the front.

3. i switched back opacity to 80% and changed the mode to brighten.

4. a little colour boost on saturation of yellow and green and last but not least i used lightning to give the for- and background the correct illumination.


ein kurzer Besuch im Atelier von Kay Leo Leonhardt während seiner Vorbereitung für die Ausstellung von 15 extra angefertigten Werken zur 3. Foodraisingparty im e-Vitrum in der Gläsernen Manufaktur am 18.01.2020 in Dresden. Diese einmaligen Bilder können dort für einen guten Zweck erworben werden.